Jul 9, 2014

Remaining Anonymous and Disconnected

Abandoning my blogs is like dumping a child along a deserted stretch of highway.  It pains me to just leave it sitting idle for any length of time, but it annoys me to just hurriedly post something in order to keep the blood flowing.

I am oblivious to what's going on in the world most of the time.  I learned that there was some sort of missing jetliner debacle when the wife & I went to dinner at one of our favorite Thai places, and CNN happened to be on the television.  I learned that Mick Jagger's long time girlfriend hung herself in a bizarre fashion through conversation with a friend.  Oh and who can forget....the death of Fred Phelps.  Kevin Smith received more than the standard amount of attention from the Phelps crew through his film Red State, which I highly recommend. During and after the premier, he and his crew received a substantial amount of flack from the Phelp's clan because of the similarities between the Team God Hates Fags and the fundamentalist cult depicted in the film.  This was taken during one of the protest, and I must say is one of my favorite 'sign' shots with none other than Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.  Check out the film.  I digress...

I no longer to subscribe to any printed media nor do I have cable.  I have the internet - the most resourceful tool in the universe.  It provides unlimited access to all or most things information, and I use it in abundance virtually every single day of every week...of every year.  However, it is all in how one utilizes such a vast resource.

I am bad about using it for current events or keeping up with the breakneck pace of the world.  This is due to a number of factors - some legitimate and others out of sheer laziness.  Let's be clear, though.  I am not a lazy person.  I am, however, overwhelmed by it all and choose to stay somewhat disconnected in fear of my head exploding.

I get tired of social networking - the drama, the self-absorbed rants, and those god damn game requests.  It's saturated with repetitive garbage.  One person picks up on a clever article, picture, meme, whatever and suddenly its being regurgitated again and again and again.  Social networking lacks originality for the most part.

Perhaps part of my lack of desire to read, research, and learn about current events is because I am on some sort of computer device nearly eighty percent of the day and at least seventy-five percent of the week.  When it's beautiful outside, sitting at a desk staring blankly at a screen is the absolute last place I want to be.  Sometimes it is inevitable.  Keeping up with the Benja-blogs requires inside/alone time at the computer that usually has to be done during non-peak hours (i.e. hours dedicated to work and life).  This is the dilemma I face....balancing work, life, responsibilities, and happy fun drinky times.

Regardless of how long my dearly beloved blog spawns sit idle or how low the visitor counts are - I refuse to pull the plug.  I need to do better at continuous learning via reading, staying in tune with current events, and not settling to ride the wave out like a mushroom.  I wish I had more time to do it all, but you can't create time nor can you get it back.  Take advantage of the time you have and do something positive and refreshing with it.  Wasting it away in a cube, on a computer, or sitting in front of a TV is not what we were put here to do.